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Access Control System

A reliable access control system is essential for the safety of your property and people.

For example, you may grant some of your employees the right to move around the buildings, but only during their working hours. Access will be impossible for them at night or on weekends. Others will be limited to the site where they have to do their work.

reader and badge for access control
Specialist in electronic installations for the security of companies, SecuZone can accompany you on the installation of a system of access control by badge. The first step is to install a magnetic card reader as well as electronic locks on the main doors. Then, in order to filter the accesses to your convenience, SecuZone will define with you the access procedures. Each staff member will be assigned a level of access. You will be able to generate customized reports summarizing all the inputs and outputs, essential to ensure traceability.

Card Access keeps track of who goes where, when. This door technology allows you to regain facility security by eliminating the risk of keys being duplicated or retained by previous users.

Access control, commonly known as a card key system, can also be used to restrict areas during or after working hours. Cleaning staff, temporary workers, and delivery people can have access to your building at only certain pre-programmed hours during the day, week, or even monthly. It is possible to control the status of any number of doors either individually or collectively in groups. Delete lost, stolen or old user cards from the system immediately and remotely activate doors remotely with phone app.

Security, safety and practicality are features now available within individual systems.… the list is endless.

Our team's proven expertise in the field of electronic security will help you protect your site with a selection of affordable and efficient systems.