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Alarm security systems

All our intrusion alarm systems are installed by our qualified technicians, both in wired and wireless version and can be integrated easily and discreetly into your professional environment.

Because SecuZone is essential to ensure the security of goods and people in your business, it offers several technologies that allow you to detect any intrusion attempt immediately. When an intrusion is reported, different actions can be triggered, an alarm sent to a monitoring station for police intervention or firefighters.

The right security solution begins with a professionally designed and installed alarm system, which is monitored by a central station and able to dispatch police quickly. These systems protect your business against break-ins, robberies, intruders and vandalism.

Our security systems can be armed and disarmed easily from your mobile device, also providing many features to help lower operating costs; including all the latest in remote access to onsite lighting, heating, and other building operations.

We offer an installation of intrusion alarm system (DSC, Paradox, Bosch) adapted to the particularities of each infrastructure for the safety of our customers. From needs assessment to risk identification, we adapt our technology.

Neo wireless alarm system with outdoor PIR with camera