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Vidéo surveillance CCTV

Video security can be both a defense and a deterrent. As they say: Better safe than sorry!

IP Dome Camera
The presence of camera should be dissuasive, but at the same time provide usable images to find the perpetrators.

We offer the installation of video camera surveillance systems inside and outside buildings. Our IP and HD cameras are connected to a centralized system, NVR server or DVR, which ensures optimal security of the equipment with internal and external views in high definition.

What have been gaining more adoption are game-changing high-definition cameras. With the maturity of these systems and high-definition capabilities are combing together to form new service offerings like remote video monitoring.

When setting up a video security system with SecuZone you can choose from the list of supported HD and IP cameras.  Over 1000 cameras from leading camera manufacturers are supported.

A remote corner of a parking lot requires security coverage 24 hours a day, year round. A warehouse storing high explosives demands constant surveillance. These are just two situations in which CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) offers distinct advantages in providing surveillance.

Human observers are costly and valuable resources. CCTV allows security managers to use this resource judiciously. There are a number of common situations where human safety, concealed observation, or resource management are better served with CCTV rather than human observers.

These situations include:

  • Observation of remote areas (parking lots, garages, construction sites)
  • Observation of hazardous areas
  • Discreet or concealed observation (loading docks, lobby areas)
  • Sustained observation of areas with infrequent activity (warehouses, rail yards)
  • Simultaneous observation of multiple areas.
  • Power supply

Designing a CCTV system requires the planner to fit a number of important pieces together. Individually, these pieces are crucial, but how they interact with every other piece is just as important.

  • scene, environment
  • camera
  • lens
  • transmission medium
  • monitor
  • Video Signal Management and Control Equipment

SecuZone offers next-generation technology solutions to help you tackle the risks to your business.