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Ways to prevent Theft

Improve construction site security

20 Ways to Prevent Construction Site Theft

Vandalism. Convenience theft. Copper stealing. You’ve heard the stories of construction site theft. Besides your craftsmen, protecting your equipment and tools are one of your biggest priorities.

Dealing with construction site theft means replacement costs and time delays. Protecting your equipment saves you time and money.

Here are 20 ways to prevent construction site theft:

  1. Keep site well-lit so there are no dark corners you cannot see
  2. Install fencing around lot so there’s only one entrance
  3. Keep site locked after hours to keep people out
  4. Keep tools locked up as well so they are not easy to remove
  5. Have an alarm system to notify police of break-ins
  6. Paint or engrave tools so if they are taken, they are easier to recover
  7. Use video surveillance for follow-up when necessary
  8. Have security guards on staff for extra protection
  9. Stay organized so everything is accounted for
  10. Always keep inventory up-to-date
  11. Install GPS system on heavy equipment
  12. Secure valuable items at the end of the workday
  13. Don’t overstock tools; only order as needed
  14. Document serial numbers of equipment for insurance purposes
  15. Review security strategy and adjust as needed
  16. Have signage of where tools belong and that you have surveillance
  17. Have only one point of entry into the construction site
  18. Ask neighboring businesses to keep an eye out after hours
  19. Track time: know when people are arriving and leaving the job site
  20. Only hire craftsmen with background checks to minimize risk of convenience theft
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