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In order to meet your security needs, SecuZone markets a wide range of professional interphones. Our teams ensure both installation and maintenance.

As a complement to access control systems, cameras or intruder alarms, security intercom systems are innovative tools for combining voice and image. The installation of a professional intercom is ideal to optimize the security of goods and people in your professional premises.

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Whether it’s controlling door openings, keeping in touch in an emergency, or sending alerts, your employees simply need to press a button to communicate. SecuZone carries a large selection of intercom systems like Aiphone, Comelit, Farfisa, get yourself an intercom system for home or business.

Keep your building and assets secure, both on or off site. Newer IP intercoms are equipped with the vital features necessary to protect employees, visitors, and vendors – for any sized company or organization!

Our IP intercoms provide entry security, communication, and the option to start small and expand later. Select the ideal product solution for your building application