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Solar Powered Camera Systems

Solar powered Camera systems - Available on a monthly rental basis

Solar Powered

Off-grid solar powered camera security is ideal for project when AC power is not available. Solar electric power system can be sized to power any number of cameras and related security devices.

Your solar power plant will be designed and built based on your total system power requirements, duty cycle and geographic location to ensure that your system is cost-effective and reliable.

Systems can be mounted in many ways including: pole mounted, wall, roof, tower, ground, skid or trailer. System installation is easy.

Solar panel with battery enclosure and pole mount

Battery Powered
In most construction sites electrical utilities will be ready when interior framing is completed.

Therefore, wireless construction surveillance systems will come in handy and convenient.

Self-sustained security cameras can power itself with battery or solar panel, eliminating unnecessary concerns that the exposed cables will be cut off or during a power outage.

ViewOut Solar System is a complete kit having a fully-integrated power enclosure system that is pre-wired and pre-assembled for on-site installation of outdoor IP camera system requiring PoE power. These rugged systems include proven, long-lasting batteries to provide many years of autonomous service in even the harshest environments. System sizing is critical to the reliable performance of solar power systems.

Secuzone provides reliable, earth friendly power generation technology designed to meet today’s environmental challenges.

Battery bank