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Outdoor Wireless Video Alarm

STARTS AT $75.00/month including monitoring 24/7

Wireless Temporary Alarm Systems
Vandalism, theft and crime are a concern for construction sites, empty shops and vacant properties. Our cost-effective outdoor alarm solutions help keep your property safe.

  • Flexible rental contracts
  • 24-hour monitoring to keep your site safe
  • Get a range portable security solutions

Our Construction site outdoor alarm systems provide a highly reliable and flexible solution.

The increasing cost of security guards, coupled with growing health and safety issues, has driven a boom in the electronic security market, with some innovative solutions making security simultaneously better and cheaper. The traditional man and dog solution is being replaced with sensors to detect movement and heat.

Intruders entering a protected zone immediately set off an alarm, sensors activate a camera that sends live pictures to a monitoring station, that notifies the police which will then act on a visual confirmed alarm activation and respond to the site.

Neo wireless alarm system with outdoor PIR with camera

Temporary and Portable
With full portability, our security systems can be moved as a site progresses to help keep important areas protected. Our security system is designed for fluid situations.

This technology allows larger systems to be created without the need to install cables between the devices which make up the system.   The wireless nature of these systems mean that they can also be used again and again on different construction sites or whenever the site configuration changes.

Best Arresting Results:
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Verification
  • Priority Police Response

The new Outdoor MotionViewer takes outdoor video verification to another level with new and improved features including a Smartphone interactivity: arm, disarm, Encrypted 915 Mhz RF to avoid hacking or jamming, an accelerometer tamper, enhanced night vision and customizable range of detection patterns to fit any application and secure any property.

videofied outdoor motion viewer