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Construction Site Security Systems

Security – Expertise, Quality and Commitment.

Go Beyond Theft and Vandalism Prevention


The number of construction site theft is on the rise especially job-site thefts of appliances, tools, building materials and metal.
Despite efforts to clamp down job site theft and vandalism, contractors should take initiative to prevent construction site theft by installing construction site security systems.

Our Goal

By utilizing the latest cost-effective technology, our complete security solutions will have you operational rapidly and within your budget. Either you need high quality images or portable video alarm system, we have cost affordable solutions.
Any one of these applications could justify the investment and save you many times the cost of this equipment.

Our services

We pride ourselves in offering a total package from sales to engineering and installation, we also offer a complete maintenance after-care service,

Our objective

Our aim is to build long term relationships and offer an affordable service that is easily managed with each of our customers.

Construction Site Security Camera

CCTV not only means you will be able to see footage of anything suspicious that occurs at your premises, it also puts potential robbers off as the risk of getting caught is far too high.

At SecuZone we are experts in CCTV systems. We can determine the system that will work best for you, install and maintain it for the long term. Our clients range from small companies to government agencies and we can design, install and maintain a CCTV system that matches your needs.

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Solar Powered System

Solar powered security camera systems allow you to install a camera in remote locations where providing a traditional wired power source may be impractical or expensive. Solar systems can be especially helpful for the special needs of  parks & recreation, construction sites, parking lots, etc.
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Temporary and Portable Alarm Systems

Fully integrated, every device is wireless, battery powered, all motion detectors have a video camera, when the detector is triggered images are collected and sent over wireless cellular communications to a 24/7 monitoring central.
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videofied motion viewer